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Stroke story, Carol Cline Schultz

Crossing the Void: My Aphasic Journey

by Carol Cline Schultz
Her Stroke Story

Carol Cline Schultz, stroke story
Crossing the Void: My Aphasic Journey, by Carol Cline Schultz

“I felt admiration, astonishment, and mystification about your brain all at the same time, many times. How can thoughts and knowledge co-exist with a lack of words? And now you are writing this book and writing it so powerfully… I had five hours of sleep last night and I am reading your book at eleven tonight — I can't stop.” — Irene Rinn, Social Worker

“This is an elegant piece of writing.” — John Arnold, MD, retired.

“… a story of incredible struggle and success … a must read for anyone who wants to understand the variety of thinking processes that the stroke survivor experiences. I understood much more about my spouse’s struggles and how I can help him. Every caregiver and every speech pathologist should read this — and especially every student studying speech therapy. I highly recommend it.” — Karen W. Morse, PhD, President Emeritus, Western Washington University

“I would recommend it to ANY one and especially those in the health care profession from the receptionists to the doctors.” — Mindy Tidd

“I am not much of a book reader … started reading and just didn't want to stop.” — Richard Landgrebe

“It is a fast wonderful read and I would recommend it to anyone. It gives insight into not only aphasic stroke victims, but all other stroke victims as well. It is a true tale of courage and determination.” — Colleen Parks, Pharmacist

“I read it in one sitting as I was spellbound.” — Jason Stoane, MD

“It is a fast-moving, riveting, and sometimes funny read. Most of all it is incredibly inspiring. It reinforces our own intelligence and ability to reason for ourselves.” — Jean MacGregor, Writer

“This is an extremely valuable book to read — for me and for my friends. I’m sure a fair share of us will either go thru something like this ourselves — or have a husband who will encounter this difficulty.” — Suzanne Conrad, Teacher

“Your book is extremely well written on so many fronts! The crisp delivery of what was happening to you from the very beginning was riveting. What a resource for people working with/caring for those with aphasia.” — Sharon Guber, Teacher

“It's so well written, and the turns of phrase you use to describe how aphasia feels are very descriptive and evocative. Thank you for writing about this experience.” — Margot Eddy

“The author does a magnificent job of conveying what it was like to be suddenly marooned without language — to be able to think yet unable to communicate with any real facility or to digest the details of conversations. ... And she is funny as all get out in describing some of the bizarre short-circuits her brain made as she bush-whacked her way back to coherence.” — Barbara Lloyd McMichael, Reviewer — Bellingham Herald Entertainment News, May 3, 2011.

“Years later, as Schultz painstakingly wrote her account, she faced an intriguing challenge for any writer, let alone one stricken with aphasia: ‘How do you tell anybody what it’s like to not have words in your head, with words?’” — Dean Kahn, Reporter — Bellingham Herald, March 14, 2011.

“Using this special technique, Carol not only “sounded out” words but she actually gained a cognitive understanding of phonics, “mapping” sounds to letters and vice versa. Being able to visualize words in her mind became a key part of relearning how to talk and understand speech.” — Deb Theriault, Senior Writer — The Stroke Network Organization Member Story — StrokeNet Newsletter Vol. 11, No. 8, August 2011. http://www.strokenetwork.org/newsletter/stories/cschultz.htm

“If you or a loved one is dealing with aphasia you might get some ideas of how to proceed. … It is inspiring to read the story of how she managed recovery.” — Lin Wisman, Director Information Services — The Stroke Network Organization Book Release — StrokeNet Newsletter Vol. 11, No. 8, August 2011. http://www.strokenetwork.org/newsletter/books/crossing.htm

“The marvel of this book is that it is written by one who, not so long ago, could not produce or understand words but, through dogged determination, has come full circle. I heartily recommend Crossing the Void. This inside story of a journey back from almost total loss of the ability to communicate will make you hold your breath as you read and, then, finish rejoicing at both Schultz’s triumph over wordlessness and the hope her experience and advice offer to others.” — C. I. Rinn, Reviewer – Chanticleer Book Reviews, January 5, 2012. http://www.ChantiReviews.com

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